Salford Forum for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum - welcome

Salford Refugee Forum - membersThe forum is made up of representatives from Salford based community groups that provide help and support to refugees and people seeking asylum.

The forum is an umbrella organisation and a network for these groups whilst providing a support mechanism and bringing them together. It plays an active role in campaigning and raising awareness on issues affecting the lives of refugees and asylum seekers who live in the Salford area.

The forum provides a voice for refugees and asylum seekers and works in partnership with appropriate agencies & organisations to further its aims and to produce tangible benefits for refugees and asylum seekers.

The forum provides the following services: awareness raising training on hate crime and issues relating & affecting refugees and asylum seekers, campaigning, advocacy & help, support and guidance, organising events & drop-in sessions at community locations, and signposting.

Our forum members meet twice a month on Saturdays at the Pendleton Gateway Centre, working hard to develop links with the local community, to organise events and deliver awareness raising training, whilst hugely contributing to community cohesion in the area.

With intensive help and support from CVS, Community Pride Unit, and Revive, Salford Forum for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum is well on the way to becoming an established network for all the Salford based groups who support refugees and asylum seekers.

The Forum is open to all who is genuinely interested in making Salford a better place to live and work for all including refugees and asylum seekers.