Services offered by Salford Forum for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum

  • Signposting refugees and asylum seekers to other service providers and organisations, the Forum works in partnership with; Refugee Action, Salford NHS, the Seedley and Langworthy Trust, the Rainbow Haven Project and other community  & voluntary organisations.
  • Campaigning about issues raised by the Forum members.
  • Organising regular meetings with our members to share information and raise awareness on issues affecting our members’ lives such as immigration, race hate crime, local services etc.
  • Organising community events in partnership with other local community groups promoting diversity and contributing to community cohesion. At these events our members prepare & present a selection of African food along with African dance and music.
  • Organising & delivering awareness raising training such as hate crime awareness training for refugees and asylum seekers. This training is also provided for indigenous communities.
  • Organising & delivering refugee awareness training to mainstream service providers, schools and local community groups etc.
  • Participating in local sports activities such as football tournaments.
  • Promoting & advocating joint working practices with mainstream service providers such as Salford City Council and other voluntary and statutory organisations.
  • Representing the Forum at decision making structures such as Community Committee and other local forum meetings.